Let's transform your challenge into powerful strategic questions!


Imagine Your Entire Team Hitting the High Notes 

Raise your hand if you relish being part of an organization that is focused, strategically balanced, and harmoniously united.

A well-orchestrated whole-system performs like a symphony. Every component is finely tuned to rise to a perfect pitch. Employee engagement is stronger and team collaboration is at its best. Communication touch points are aligned and everyone involved feels connected to the organization’s overall success.

Achieving that type of harmony and positive cultural shift require starting conversations that bring the whole-system alive, focusing on strengths and asking powerful questions. These key notes create ripple effects throughout the entire ecosystem to spread lasting, positive change and build an upward momentum for innovation.

How can you make this happen?

By letting Maestra facilitate conversations worth having.


WHY MAESTRAStrong, authentic, and engaging facilitation to accelerate positive transformational change in any organization

Witness The Power Of Positive Questions

Fueled by powerful questions, your team proactively and intentionally engages in meaningful conversations that search for answers to your organization’s sense of purpose, key values, and your shared vision of the future.

Shift Towards Positive Reframing

By shifting the deficit bias culture to life-giving conversations, you amplify your system-wide strengths, enable rapid intelligent pathways, and unleash new opportunities, innovations and strategic plans.

Tap Into Your Collective Wisdom

By breaking down silos and inviting all the voices of your organization to be heard, high energy and excitement happen at every level. Each person becomes a designer and takes ownership of your roadmap towards success.



with appreciative leadership that brings out the best in people and organizations


CONDUCTING CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTERServices carefully crafted to fit organizations of all type and size

Workshops à la Carte Ideal to tap into individual strengths

1 hour to full day

We create customized one-hour, half-day to full day workshops designed to support your organization's outcomes from rapidly unlocking your collective wisdom to uniting your team around a shared vision.


AI SummitsIdeal for system-level transformation

2 to 3 days events

We co-create with your organization an Appreciative Inquiry summit to bring the wholeness of your system together and tap into your constellation of strengths to run an unprecedented strategic planning session or annual company meetings.


Appreciative Facilitation Ideal for peer-to-peer communities


We design and run on-demand facilitation for your peer-to-peer community of practice and members events from your monthly networking events to your annual or quarterly retreats.


OUR APPROACHFrom Competitive to Evolutionary Advantage

At Maestra, we are on-demand strategists, change agents, and facilitators who lead peer-to-peer and system-level transformation.

Our mission is to “up the tempo” by inspiring leaders, businesses, organizations, and teams to succeed by imparting real change from within. Our approach enables players to think, work, connect, learn, solve problems and dream differently.

We do that by conducting meaningful conversations and experiential learning facilitation using appreciative inquiry, strength-based methodologies, marketing, communication strategies, and design thinking among other approaches to bring out the best in people and organizations.   

Maestra uses the Xchange Framework designed by the Flourishing Leadership Institute:

The art of crafting powerful and affirmative questions to stimulate continuous dialogue, ideas, and story sharing that lead to new possibilities and opportunities.

Mapping out the organization’s set of strengths, skills, and successes to reach higher results, and render weaknesses of the system irrelevant.

Bringing all the voices into the conversation creates the experience of wholeness and richness of perspectives that rapidly moves the organization toward its path of genius.

– The Xchange Framework –

The Xchange approach has been a game changer and used by industry leaders such as Facebook, BMW, NASA, Boeing, Clarke, Apple, Vitamix, and thousands of high performing organizations.

YOU ARE IN GOOD COMPANYWe help people and organizations like…

Mylène Letellier
Communications Director
“I had the pleasure to witness Asmâa leading many workshops for our entrepreneurs or staff on many occasions. She is the best! Whatever she does, she does it well, close to perfection. Her dedication, expertise, creativity, originality, and communication skills surprise me and my clients all the time. Everybody leaves her work sessions satisfied and with new skills or knowledge.”

Nick Hemmert
Chief Strategist & Co-Founder
The Center for Awesomeness
“Asmâa has a beautiful mixture of insight, knowledge and experience. As we have worked together, I have come to see her keen ability to guide our conversations through the messiness of brainstorming towards the clarity of a plan. Add to that awesomeness, a heart that is beaming with passion for serving conscious leaders & communities, and you have a formula for a great leader.”

Dr. Jo-Anne Clarke
Dean, Continuing Studies
University of Victoria
“Every single detail that Maestra put into our facilitation workshop was purposeful and meaningful. This is just the beginning for our department and how we can shift our culture and find new opportunities for innovation.”

YOUR CONDUCTORLet's get to know each other

Asmaa Methqal
Asmâa I. Methqal
Founder | Appreciative Leadership Facilitator

I am a seasoned speaker, educator and advocate of Appreciative Leadership. I excel in diving into a company’s innerworks, exploring fresh and positive perspectives, and helping create strategic plans while shaping a collaborative culture.

I have been told I am a straight talker with boundless energy and strong determination for meeting goals. My motivation is simple: to accelerate the tempo and amplify the positive impact of leaders and organizations on the world stage.

My professional background is a dynamic blend of marketing, branding, design thinking, positive psychology, and strength-based methodologies, infused with the life-giving principles of Appreciative Inquiry. With more than 20 years of executive-level, bilingual experience, I am passionate about building on strengths to inspire entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations to move towards positive change, innovation, and sustainable growth.

In a deficit biased culture and a fast-paced marketing world, I am always looking for ways to lead with clarity and focus. Connect with me when you are ready to inject a well-orchestrated appreciative marketing symphony into your organization.