Let me show you how a harmonized marketing strategy can be – and even sound!


No one likes an off-key note in their business

Is your marketing strategy hitting the right notes? Are you running your marketing activities by default or by design?

Starting a business is thrilling. Growing a business is even more exhilarating. Unfortunately, rarely an initial product or service vision is market-ready, and many businesses stand on an unstable marketing foundation.

A well-orchestrated online and offline marketing presence performs like a symphony. Every component is finely tuned to reflect your messaging. Brand touch-points resonate in an authentic, consistent voice. Campaigns execute perfectly with measurable results. And your business grows from a rock-solid foundation that is true to its audience needs.

To achieve that kind of success in a crowded, fast-paced marketing world takes clarity, focus, passion, and proven strategies.

How can you make this happen?

By letting Maestra show you how to create a harmonized marketing presence.

WHY MAESTRAAppreciative Marketing that unlocks your creative genius

Tap Into the Collective Wisdom

We design our group coaching to move learning from passive to active honoring the wisdom, strengths and experiences of our members while balancing key marketing insights with group activities.

Get Things Done

We create immersive workshops and events that delve faster into marketing topics, creative problem-solving, and actionable deliverables that serve as the foundation of your marketing initiatives.

Learn at Your Own

We run a series of workshops and webinars to guide busy entrepreneurs from a crowded messy marketing landscape onto a clear path of key skills to hone and key questions to answer to build a strong business foundation.

DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR ITKind words from our respected peers

“Asmâa is committed to helping people achieve their business and life goals. I love her contagious positive energy and the way she captures the attention of a full room with just her presence”.

Rukshana Hafez Triem

Speaker / Author / Women’s Lifestyle Coach

“Asmâa is all strategic heart. She gets to the root of what’s really important to her clients and dives in to co-create the outcome with them. She’s literally side-by-side, fully invested. You don’t often see that kind of commitment and soul; she cares about her clients and their businesses as much as they do.”

Alissa Daire Nelson

Daire to Success Coaching

“Asmâa’s energy is so refreshing and sincere, and I’ve come to rely on her incredible breadth and depth of knowledge, strategic thinking, and candid feedback. Asmâa is the gold standard by which I measure all marketing professionals!”.

Anthony Banks

Founder, Notist

“Asmâa, you are an inspiration to future female marketers around the globe. Your confidence, coupled with your industry knowledge is outstanding. You are an influential thought leader and I admire you very much!”

Leslie Barrow

2018 Royal Roads University Graduate

“Asmâa is a brilliant marketing strategist. Her big-picture thinking, wealth of knowledge and incredible care for her clients makes her the go-to person for anything marketing.”

Juhli Selby

JUHLi SELBy Social Media

BESPOKE APPRECIATIVE EDUCATIONEducation opportunities carefully crafted to fit any business size and goals

Do- It-Together CoachingIdeal for confused solopreneurs and small businesses

6 to 8 weeks programs

Online group marketing coaching to help you understand key marketing fundamentals and reverse-engineer your purposeful vision into a strong, profitable action plan.


Immersive EventsIdeal for overwhelmed SMBs ready for the next growth level

2 to 3 days events

In-person events and retreats with other fellow businesses to assist you in defining and building a customized and solid tactical plan with clear goals, and result-oriented deliverables.


Workshop SeriesIdeal for entrepreneurs in need of specific marketing skill sets

Monthly Workshops

From crafting personas, designing a marketing campaign, to setting up performance metrics, our workshops series cater to today’s business needs in a fast-paced marketing world.



with a strong marketing foundation that amplifies your presence


YOU ARE IN GOOD COMPANYWe help people and organizations like…

Robert Bennett
COO & Program Director
“Asmâa has the real-world experience to teach our early-stage companies. Her clear articulation of marketing strategies, expanded by multiple real-life examples, made the course come alive, and tremendously impactful for our participants!”

Tyler West
Program Coordinator
UVIC Innovation Center
“Asmâa’s passion, energy, and expertise showed our early-stage tech entrepreneurs the value of marketing for their start-ups. Her interactive, fun, and highly impactful workshop inspired our ventures to share their story with the world!”

Gustavo Garcia
StartUp Venture
“Asmâa has given me the guidance I needed to make my ideas a reality, her expertise, and empathy has made her my go-to coach. She knows how to listen, give valuable feedback and identify progress; in other words, she allows me to be a better version of myself.”

YOUR MARKETING COACHLet's get to know each other

Asmaa Methqal
Asmâa I. Methqal
Founder | Marketing Consultant & Facilitator

I am a seasoned speaker, educator, and advocate of Appreciative Leadership. I excel in diving into a company’s inner works, exploring fresh and positive perspectives, and helping create strategic plans while shaping a collaborative culture.


I have been told I am a straight talker with boundless energy and strong determination for meeting goals. My motivation is simple: to accelerate the tempo and amplify the positive impact of leaders and organizations on the world stage.


My professional background is a dynamic blend of marketing, branding, design thinking, positive psychology, and strength-based methodologies, infused with the life-giving principles of Appreciative Inquiry. With more than 20 years of executive-level, bilingual experience, I am passionate about building on strengths to inspire entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations to move towards positive change, innovation, and sustainable growth.


In a deficit biased culture and a fast-paced marketing world, I am always looking for ways to lead with clarity and focus. Connect with me when you are ready to inject a well-orchestrated appreciative marketing symphony into your organization.